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越狱第一季qvod|儿童挖掘机厂家"I'm afraid the general has been sent down!" Yan pu sighed and smiled sadly.Unfortunately, at least until now, did not find, can not have both, do not want to break the status of their own now, but also to enjoy the benefits of the people, this is a kind of self-deception idea."If I had met him under the horse ten years ago, the father would be a corpse by now." Lyu3 bu4 took the wine wound that inn small 2 hand over, put a silver needle into, indifferent way, 3 unique perhaps put on the battlefield insignificant, but if be this kind of street fight cruel circumstance, they are worthy of the grand master.

"Our thunderbolt may have a try!" < / p > < p > a staff suggested, xia houyuan smell speech eyes can not help but a bright, hurriedly sent out the thunder car, just not close to the thunder car, was out of the camp dozens of bolt shot into a pile of rotten wood, also took a few lives, to break the thunder car plan has not formally started the failure.Naval battle or war with different marines, and no man will be more useful, strong reliance on ships, paekche navy are basically some fishing boat turned up, the real ship is not much, but before this, no concept of naval warfare paekche countries, let alone the relevant military personnel, and this itself is a war generals, spent a year in order to be clear about the naval doorways, paekche countries without war of talent, only the generals sent to marines, the result of natural, gan ning was introduced from the other shore, and then with the help of the waves, thirty thousand behaves completely silent, from then on, Paikche was beaten down."Your majesty, I would like to surrender the whole country to the state of paikche. I only ask the king of the state of han to allow the hussar general to spare my people a living way. I am willing to pay back ten times the losses of your army in those years." The three envoys knelt down on the ground, crying and wailing, with a deep sense of despair in their voice.越狱第一季qvod|Lv bu nodded and looked at LAN zhan, saying, "this matter is related to my guanzhong tens of millions of people's livelihood.

越狱第一季qvod|"It was on the land of jingzhou that we made an alliance with the princes." "Said lv meng.Chen gong nodded and then looked at lu bu and said, "Lord, now that hanzhong has been taken down, the jizhou is far away from wen."

Salute on both sides, after a match again, this time, tracing the cause and gu shao bowed to have a lot of knowledge rules, see also more into god, imagine the scene of d blast in did not appear, these women, toughness is dye-in-the-wood and riding superb, although spelling but opponents on the power, but is more clever than day camp on flexible, variety, drove d lost in battle, until the last moment, only to a narrow victory, it was in millions of women in the audience sigh.D the in the mind is to suppress the YiGuJin son want to overshadow zhaoyun a head, though he also admitted zhaoyun as poor as his skill, but between military commanders, unless the gap is very big, really not easy to take another blow, this is a good demonstration, the past is not rare, but this time, but lu bu to operate on the central plains, in the first battle of zhaoyun or d are seeks sufficient strength, this battle, is undoubtedly d pulled out first, while dry up by tiny damage Zang, this but the blocking lyu3 bu4 characters, so died in his hand, nature to the adversary."Ha ha ha ha ~" kuai liang feeling the loss of life, but the corners of the mouth hang a smile, laughter is getting bigger and bigger, to the end of the crazy laugh, laughter, with a difficult to say desolate, after this battle, whether CAI or kuai home is a big wound, no longer the past heyday.越狱第一季qvod|




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