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王某某86年兰州西固区人|海蛇肤净"Hum, brag!" A hard touch, just probing, also let two people to each other's strength probably have an understanding, the stalemate on the strength of d more confidence, lyu3 bu4 is not so fierce in legend."The general rest assured." Marotta turned his head to pound, smiled and said: "with the lack of food in the army, can't support for too long, and master there, must also be about to have news, the longer we support here, master there will be less pressure.""Killed!" Xiongnu warrior anxious way.

Xu togeher picked up eyebrows, Slightly glanced at ford, bowed down and said: "master can send someone to placate lyu3 bu4, send some money, at the same time, in order to guard against lyu3 bu4, send a general station troops in the area of the upper party, if lyu3 bu4 wolf ambition, want to take advantage of the rebellion, then attack, if can be safe, after we calm down cao cao, the military forces can also as a pioneer!""Legalists?" For a long time, giffin frowned, He's pretty sure now, The plan for the relocation of the people, Those relatively new regulations, not Chen Gong instructed but lyu3 bu4 himself came up with, thinking back to lyu3 bu4 said last night, at this time think carefully, vaguely and legalist thought corresponding, chapter by chapter, seemingly chaotic, in fact, but intertwined, from the heart, management, restraint, was to scruple about all aspects.Chen Gong nodded, Smiling at Chen Qun way: "Long article don't know, Changan is different now, Three auxiliary places, after Li Guo 's rampage, Thousands of miles of wilderness, Master will now nanyang, hanoi people moved to two places, Grains and hay consumption, all rely on government relief, Now although some grain merchants sell grain here, But the price of grain is quite high, in the central plains, can buy a stone millet price, here can only buy two buckets, changwen brought these jade, jewelry, gold and silver, here in changan instead depreciated, less than half of the central plains, looks like a lot, actually converted into hay to comfort the families of casualties has been reluctant. "王某某86年兰州西固区人|"Master?" Seibel and wei looked at each other, seemingly lyu3 bu4 side only less than two thousand cavalry, zhou cang brought before, that is to say, lyu3 bu4 side, only less than one thousand people.

王某某86年兰州西固区人|Solved the wall not many defenders, zhou cang quickly with the men toward the gate, along the way, unexpectedly did not meet half a night patrol, from lyu3 bu4 ordered to open the gate, the whole process took less than a wick sweet effort.Marotta was silent.Chapter 33 Hetao

"The royal family?" Lyu3 bu4 eyebrows slightly a pick, and soon understood what it meant, Don't look at the han yu wei is not in, but the thin camel is bigger than the horse, in most people's minds, the han is still orthodox, liu bei played a brand of han clan, deceived for how long, but also only he really get the royal recognition, get the name of the emperor uncle, just began to have a family favor one after another, finally established himself in jingzhou.Chapter fifty giffin adviceAt the beginning of the integration of three fifty thousand huns fighters, Now played less than thirty thousand, liu meng is seen, the han hence also didn't have a good heart, these days, the most dead is their huns fighters, even if there is no king's court, liu meng also don't want to continue to give Korea hence when cannon fodder, now the king's court, with the reason for withdrawal, of course, liu meng will not stay.王某某86年兰州西固区人|




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