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天下最美哈桑卫星天线价格Although the gate of Huaixian County has been closed, But after more than half a month of harassment, The city is not many defenders are almost dead, Families haughty family home gardener although the number of people, but for the experienced lyu3 bu4 army, and no, the difference is not too big, a line of people massed, under the command of lyu3 bu4, cavalry still cruising outside the city, Chen xing, he man brought infantry quickly will break the gate, mighty toward the city."Liang Hsing!" D red eyes staring at the defenders of the city wall, roared: "One day, I will put you up and down the door, all live cut! If you break this oath, it will be so arrow!"

"Lyu3 bu4, west cool d here, can dare to fight with me!" Ripples of sound, clear and powerful, even over the battlefield on the various voices."Monseigneur, there is still something to do at home, and one of them has left." Say that finish, the head of the Fang family also did not return with his two guards left."Your excellency, will be willing to lead the troops at the end of the war, will be the lyu3 bu4 beheaded under the horse!" Hanoi guard general Yang Ding stood up and shouted: "At the end of the two days in the city head wait-and-see, found lyu3 bu4 under the actually not many people, if you can put the city's families together, enough to put together two or three thousand people, lyu3 bu4 will be destroyed!"天下最美哈桑Chapter twenty-three emperors mind

天下最美哈桑D military forces gallop overnight after all is now sleepy, after a moment of stalemate, gradually showing signs of decline, only d, rushed to the left in the crowd right tu, past, blood filled."Must save! Instantly point the military forces, cut off d return!" At the moment, Korea hence also can't go to scold burn when old wang waste, If burn when the old king was robbed camp oneself but turned a blind eye, I'm afraid burn when the old king will leave directly, more importantly, if not burn when the constraint of the old king, with horse's influence in the qiang people, I'm afraid it won't take long, d will be able to gather more qiang people against himself, the original victory will also add to the storm."Stop!" Lyu3 bu4 a wave of his hand, less than two thousand cavalry quickly stopped, behind lyu3 bu4, forming an irregular cone array, ready to attack again.

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