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棕榈鹫|水泥地面裂缝Really surprises cao cao and liu bei is, in the lobby jiangdong, sun quan had no hesitation, agreed to a union thing was zhuge liang and cao cao xun yu under the account plan, jiangdong is the most difficult to persuade a piece, but even though the jiangdong raised a lot of conditions, but for the Allies, jiangdong wenwu didn't have any objection, but anyway, could the world governors lyu3 bu4, a total review is a good thing after all, in short on no one questioned.In order to deal with lu bu's powerful crossbow, these allied troops took great pains."Dost thou... Who are you waiting for?" Fu DE suddenly roared, he felt very wrong, not caught by cao cao, but fell into the hands of lu bu.

"Not really, but I'm afraid these people can't come back!""No... "Zhou yu said hoarsely," it was no fluke that zhuge liang was able to achieve what he has today. Zhuge liang's military strategy may not be as strong as my strategy, but when it comes to tactics, he is not lower than me.On the day before liu bei's wedding, zhuge liang came to liu bei to discuss the details of entering shu.棕榈鹫|Soldiers quickly lined a title of generals in ancient times camp, five people in a row, will be in the hands of the bolt to launch out, it is a pity, because did not prepare in advance, so each person only a crossbow box, after shooting, to begin to melee battle, unfortunately, jingzhou army was not as strong as I thought, after see city it was dead in the ground, a large number of jingzhou army began to flee.

棕榈鹫|"You boy... "Zhang fei face a black, the complexion is not good stare at fu DE, fu DE a shrink neck, clever hide behind zhuge liang."No, he said he would call when his master came back. Western girl road."Rest assured, brother, that I may fetch the head of the pound." Guan yu nodded, a clap war horse, point qi horse straight wang yique pass and go.

'well? Zhuge liang raised his head and said with a smile, "did you ever blade zhou yu?"Chapter 67 build another tiger prisonSit down the war horse eat pain, hiss a sound, in the gallop, speed and fast a section, gradually opened the distance between with this group of women.棕榈鹫|




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