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伊能静被质疑传销|神采飞扬中国郎"Well." Lv bu nods: "the person of work department dare not come, can I come only."As for the western region of the thirty thousand army can not be lightly moved, not only to suppress the slaves of zhangye, more importantly, to deter the western region countries.But how long?

"Zhang liao was appointed as the general of zhenbei, gao shun was appointed as the general of zhenxi, zhang yi and jiang su were appointed as the general of xiliang and the governor of the same prefecture. Ha ~" cao cao couldn't help laughing at the contents of the paper and said, "although I didn't ask for any official posts for myself before, these positions of real power were all controlled by his inner circle.But see a wipe Howe was a flash of light, the generals to see huang zhong bow is wrong, want to retract a head, huang zhong arrows have to, only heard a scream, sharp JianCu blasting the eye, through the head, since his brain out directly, more potential than, stood on the ground directly, bluestone paving the ground, was sent out a hole, only left arrow tail continuously tremor in the air.The face of zhaoyun is also a little ugly, a traitor to the Lord? When did you serve?伊能静被质疑传销|If say now cao ying in, yuan shao most hate is who, that is cao cao by no means, between two people is between the state and the state of the front, victory or defeat is nothing to complain about, but as a traitor xu you, is definitely a most hate yuan shao, is about to join hands with yuan shao, what is more sincere than this head?

伊能静被质疑传销|"General gan is fighting for huang zu, but huang zu is abandoning him. Is general gan really loyal to these people?" Lu lingqi looked at gan ning, lang sheng way.Nor is it, adequate food and clothing and know honor and disgrace, in the case of adequate food and clothing are not solved, ordinary people which have so much time and energy to think about reading? They are more concerned about the livelihood, reading is a very noble thing for them, but before solving the livelihood problem, they will not consider this aspect, so ordinary people do not have too much appeal for reading, in this world, the most eager to read is poor."Lord, shall we withdraw?" Lost jiang worries.

"This...... "Xu shu felt stunned and didn't know what to say. This doubt, in fact, deer mountain college teacher have skirted speak, two of the specific case, cao cao can't remember, but whether Mr Water mirror water mirror or pound male, while reading through the history of subset, but seldom go to chapter and verse, but if you listen to them, the core, but can feel from the history of the subset.This is known as the reputation of the burden, when lyu3 bu4 down and out, the infamous, nobody will care about lyu3 bu4, win or lose, no one will care about, but when lyu3 bu4, now not only a sublime huaxia, especially when one party governors, nature also will focus on the eyes of the world, this time, in fact lyu3 bu4 can't afford to lose, even a small loss, all is likely to shake a military momentum, lyu3 bu4 reputation on spot.Early know, should have left this land of trouble, but now want to go can not go.伊能静被质疑传销|




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