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木洛嫣|搜了网"A place where you can shut up forever." Meng da looked around, no one around, the mouth can not help but pull a sneer, eyes with a touch of disdain.Pang tong frowned slightly, but did not care, only a slight look at liu d * * * d

"Ha ha, general deng was worried." Wei yan looked at the soldiers behind his eyes and smiled proudly and said, "each of my guanzhong soldiers has undergone rigorous training. They just march continuously, just as well.""No way, if the fleet travel at this time, the jiangdong water army will not wait for an opportunity to move, now our army's food, can not afford to toss. Zhuge liang heard the news, also can not help but a bitter smile, zhou yu's death, the chai sang camp of the jiangdong water army can not find trouble recently, although no major battle, but jiangxia, jiangling boat, mo said the official warships, is the ship of ordinary people as long as a little closer may be attacked or captured.Early wei yan, lyu3 bu4 under more general, in lyu3 bu4 strategic center of gravity was still in the land of the north, Wei Yanbang lyu3 bu4 blocking the east portal, luoyang early game he is almost one host, zhuge liang in longzhong, began to study lu bu under various characters, and slightly to the Israeli army, even lyu3 bu4 under in Athens as a cloud, wei is enough to the top three, are not under zhang liao, seibel.木洛嫣|It is not the kind of rattan armour in nanman, but it is also made of rattan. Although it is not as strong as the rattan armour after soaking in oil, it is better than the ordinary wooden shield. With a distance of 300 steps, even the powerful crossbow in guanzhong cannot shoot through the other side's teng shield at such a long distance.

木洛嫣|'say it! Deng xian frowned and shouted.Zhuge liang to zhou yu people around but touched bottom, the lv meng is not hand-picked, but zhou yu's ability is not outstanding at the beginning, but with zhou yu's side for many years, but learned a lot of skill, if before, lv meng was a minor worry, that today, lv meng even if not equal to zhou yu, but also to compare present any a star, of course, this is not the various ge is bright really worry about.With warfare alliance in name only, xiao qi of songshan, now restored native state of rocks have been cao cao to withdraw thirty thousand troops stationed here, as one who died, zhou yu, failed but died in the attack on jingzhou jingzhou two originally stationed troops also have their home here, the rest of the team returned to the shu liu follow later also with, now the songshan, stationed in fact only liu bei and cao cao.

More importantly, pang tong brought with him langzhong's troops, that is to say, an army of 100,000 troops from langzhong had fallen to lv bu, which was the majority of troops in shu. Chengdu now has 30,000 garrison troops, but so what? There is no place to ask for help now, plus the deviation of the internal hearts, the garrison soldiers are not out of the state, otherwise, pang tong brought only 20,000 people, how can give chengdu so much pressure?"General, get out of here. The men can't carry this. These fools are crazy!" < / p > < p > xing daorong killed guan yu side, panting like cattle pulled guan yu, whining, he is really some kill afraid."Yes, the general should know what would happen if he rushed in like that." "Said monda bitterly.木洛嫣|




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