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长风镖局全集|石家庄黄页"Not good, han sui wants to flee!" Hearing this, li ru changed his complexion."Let these soldiers and horses to camp out in the fields, can follow cao cao's strategy of camping out in the fields, when farming is busy, when farming is idle to organize training. Lu bu rapped on the table: "at least for the time being, we cannot afford to raise 100,000 troops. We only select the elite troops to stay behind, including the troops and horses in yong zhou. Thirty thousand elite troops will be left to guard chang 'an in addition to the garrison around the country."I don't know. What's that to us?" Aguri frowned.

Down tics dostie face a few times, he clearly see the bison, crazy general, tend to be knocked down in a row two or three cavalry to exhaustion, on both sides of the cross out the two passing everything around Tibet will be cut, originally morale, like the rainbow with the fire cow into the matrix of 50, xiongnu army ride matrix multiply is stopped, the rival, the price of only 50 cows, what is more fearful, behind these bison, lyu3 bu4 offense has only just begun.Lyu3 bu4 this period of time, almost all is taking the city guard to rescue in various places, Chen gong et al also began to allocate some materials to appease the people, should be happy atmosphere, also be so diluted a lot, the people's mind is reduced, almost inevitable."Kill!" Lu lingqi hit the hand, a few steps to grab, a silver gun pulled out, at the same time backhand sword, will roar rushed up the xianbei soldiers cut the hand to kill, twist the head shouted.长风镖局全集|"It must be cruel." Guo jia facial expression is rare su zhong way: "Lord perhaps did not notice, but now of lu bu, already be the opponent that Lord Lord must take seriously, again difficult be like former days that kind of easy to push about, if Lord Lord cannot see this, still harbor despise words, calculate defeated yuan shao, also can be defeated by lu bu in the future."

长风镖局全集|"Fair enough." Nodded, lu bu laughed, cao cao can at least take out 50,000 troops of the forage, lu bu here all aspects of the belt tightening, but also just out of a thousand people of the forage, literally, yuan shao now yawn, can attract a number of enough to encircle him.One kind rents the means pay of store namely, another kind is the amount that trades according to will pay tax, be in half to 10 percent commonly between."Sir, han sui colluded with the huns. I didn't know anything about it. Besides, Lao wang is dead. A burning general hastened to clarify.

"Mr. Gong tai, you... "Lv lingqi looked puzzled Chen gong.Plus lyu3 bu4 then fight with Korea, changan, Chen gong is the only one that is difficult to be natural in many things, also gave the family a chink in the wall, secretly to attract a lot of past assume widely, although there is no utilitarian there, but the title with them, as long as the changan, to a standing outside, can be any a vassal of courtesy, worked for them, carelessly, can also go down in the future, don't want to, have been secretly killed, left are the Hanoi good confidant of the family."To save, of course, is to save, our troops can be there, can not save, but now can not save, we must let these people long a little memory. Lv bu sneered.长风镖局全集|




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