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秋菊打不死|油罐价格This battle is really no way to fight, condescending are not somebody else's range, even if it is a catapult, also can't play a role, out of the city? More bullshit, all the defenders of the two counties add up to not enough ten thousand, rushed out of the city, not to the front has no one.Looking at the content of the letterhead, although it was expected, but liu bei still feel a bitter intended to echo in the mouth, shu, finally failed to take it down?

But wei also just chased a mile or so, see each other back and not disorderly, then did not continue to pursue blindly, but began to clean up the battlefield.The most desperate thing is to look at each other can hit himself, and he didn't even have a chance to fight back, guanzhong has been clearly taking such a tactic, this trench, is also forced out by lyu3 bu4, don't dig three feet, really can't communicate with lyu3 bu4 normally!"Knock on that door!" Ma looked at them, nodded mercilessly.秋菊打不死|"What can be wrong, the hundreds of army has been held by Mr ZhuGeJun in the county, as long as I take chengdu, cut off his hay supply, hundreds of army within ten days will be destroyed." Xie Chengleng snorted: "The emperor uncle has promised, as long as under the shu, will never infringe upon my interests, such as so, why to the lyu3 bu4 when slaves!"

秋菊打不死|"You and Zhao Kuo, are all talented people, but do not accumulate small steps to thousands of miles, you step too far, and in the character of Zhuge Kongming, under his command, want to stand alone, only when the real crisis has a chance, and without the accumulation before, rashly assume the big responsibility, just like you.Lyu3 bu4 under the first superstar, had fought guan yu, zhang fei, if the world superstar get a list, male broad sea can definitely rank in the top five."I'm afraid I'll have to wait a few more days. After I break Deyang, I'll naturally have plenty of time to chat with Shih Yuan-chang!" Zhuge liang said with a smile.

Xing Daorong just came back to reinstate, then heard the outside cry, his face is not difficult to look, and look at guan yu, a red face seems to have no change, but if you look carefully, you will find that guan yu's face is much more ruddy than usual."Wing, you led a military forces, tomorrow first step to deyang drowning battle, if wei rate elite clearance, then don't fight with it, if other troops, can fight!" Zhuge Liangfu looked at Zhang Feidao again."General lee is not good at guarding the city at the moment, but assemble here, what do you want to do?" XiongKuoHai faint swept Li after the whole body of the troops one eye, asked sullenly.秋菊打不死|




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