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高考化学致宣|云中客酒"Quick, kill the woman! Sima fang did not expect that the other side was prepared. He felt a sinking in his heart for no reason and did not care about the heaviness in his chest. He directed a group of dead warriors to attack CAI yan."Fair enough." Zhaoyun looks at pang tong in puzzlement.

Damn it! Lv bu hand how can have this kind of thing! ?"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Wolf qiang Wang Xingfen waved the mace, sweeps the sight of the enemy fall, the huns by the sudden attack dozen unprepared, start from the other direction of running, looking at the crowd as powerful as a flying dragon flying han army generals, the Wolf king qiang couldn't help loudly praise, at this time, but see the other side of the han Chinese general suddenly towards your lift the longbow, cold JianCu, under the sun quartermaster beaming a bit weird."Ha ~" pang tong sneered: "what general lu, but a brave husband, sooner or later will be destroyed."Man smell speech, surprised saw pang tong one eye, who is this goods after all? Look at this saying, it is not like the general house people will say, just doubt, suddenly sounded a shrill horn in the city, not like the daily heard the city guard's horn.高考化学致宣|Ma chao coldly looked at all this, born in xiliang, this kind of thing, he is not rare, these people, need to vent, han people a lot of things, put here is not applicable, they vent the way, only killing.

高考化学致宣|"I... "Lu lingqi can not say a word, for a long time just obediently bow way:" ling qi to be taught, thank you for your guidance."Waste! Waste! Waste!" Originally the fire that falls down rises, all of a sudden cuanqi, each king of tu is a few feet again the taonu kick of scream: "lv bu how possibility only take 300 people, so simple plan you unexpectedly fall into trap, return Lao ying to lose, fool, fool!"Lu bu as cao cao's side, with limited forces to deploy defense, the choice of the way and cao cao is similar, after all, cao cao's forces are limited, and jia xu as yuan shao side, the arrangement of troops, the choice is the way of the whole line pressure, from hedong, luoyang, white horse, mengjin each dadu, the strength of the strength of the offensive.

"It is not early, the officers and men played a day, tired, and then play down, even if the yue people broke the camp, we will also suffer heavy casualties, what do you take to fight the huns? Tu each wang lazy glanced at two people one eye, cold hum a way: "still have, break through month's big camp after, month's property, must be selected by our tu each first.""Uh ~""DE jong should know, not suffering from less and suffering from uneven truth, if DE jong met every qiang han dispute, so be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, will only lose prestige, time for a long time, will only pride and slow its heart. Chen gong looked at zhang and said with a smile: "DE rong need to remember one thing, work in the Lord, the waist should first straight, do not worry too much.高考化学致宣|




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