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男朋友舔我过程口述|海意背景"Get up, I don't mean to blame you." Lyu3 bu4 waved, motioned zhen shi to get up, look to zhen shi, suddenly ask a way: "hear love wife home once did business world?"Princes under the rule of the family is not fool, money which do not earn the truth? What's more, the outflow from lv bu's side is a tight sale in the central plains. Even though cao cao, liu biao and sun quan all attach great importance to the zhen family, they can't resist it even if they know it is at lv bu's instigate."You come at a good time!" Pang tong looked at li ping, who was at a loss.

By contrast the central plains, at this time, at least lyu3 bu4 have absolute advantage, they have family support, don't look at the age of poor people, it is because the resources of the whole world is in the family that the hands of a few people, literally speaking, a family of financial resources, create enough governors to all the way, as cao cao take out early is to rich, just had his roots.CAI MAO's head is even lower, the entire jingxiang, no one better than he know the eyes of this elegant, beautiful lady, hidden in the beautiful appearance, is how a cruel and spicy heart."Good." Wei yan smiled and said, "even if CAI MAO is capable of reaching heaven today, this place outside luoyang is his burial place."男朋友舔我过程口述|Three people suddenly gather suddenly scattered, unprovoked change, with a bloody storm all over the sky.

男朋友舔我过程口述|"You, always so reserved." Lv bu looked at a jia xu, suddenly smiled, nodded: "but said good, we are the first strong themselves said, zheng son is too small, if I this old father which day did not, really do not know such a big family business, how should he take over."The Lord had three thousand people pingding hetao, alone into the grassland, finally sealed the Wolf guxu, the first world war wiped out hu kou 250,000, how dazzling, and I...... "Guan hai sighed:" thousands of troops occupy the dangerous, but zhang yan played no force to fight back, in vain as a great general.Zhang he stood up, will yuan shao's hand put back, turned his head to look aside the doctor, with him in addition to yuan shao's bedroom, zhang he frowning way: "what disease did the Lord make?"

Xiao hu's courage, no need to say, the world's first military general's name, since the tiger prison ten years ago, no one can shake, now although lu bu did not hand, but the more xi but clearly feel a inexplicable pressure, and the vast sea of struggle, had to pay attention to lu bu's movement, the momentum suddenly weakened.It is impossible. It is impossible for people to have selfish desires, and it is impossible to ask people to do what they are supposed to do purely in morality. Families know this, because there are infighting and infighting between families."All right." Liu biao nodded: "then let him come over, this man is old, material to CAI MAO also won't be too alert, and let him to spy in the house, responsible for the defense of the house.男朋友舔我过程口述|





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