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女硕士被炒后带5猛男殴打原领导赛富通重庆In this way, under the nervous tension wait for a day, guan yu didn't mean to send troops, until nightfall, looked at the side of the exhausted soldiers, lu su suddenly surprised!With no family barriers, The process of decentralization began quickly, At the same time, the Department of Justice intervened, now shu new set, this time, who dares to act against the wind, it is absolutely to die punishment, Yang Fengyin, light lose officials, heavy loss of head, corruption and fraud, in this period, once found, directly beheaded public, but also from the guanzhong special propaganda team, will be a lot of pro-people policies to explain to the people one by one.

Three days later, Zhuge Liang began to withdraw his troops from all fronts, Army returned to jiangzhou endlessly, When Pang Tong got the news, Zhang ren, wei yan sent troops to pursue, Have been ambushed, defeat and return, to this pang tong also can only have the heart powerless, zhuge liang to go, he can't stop now, shu terrain is too suitable for the ambush, and zhuge liang cautious, how can't prevent pang tong chase, chase at the moment, I'm afraid not good, pang tong can only wait for zhuge liang to withdraw troops, just began to recover the southern counties of yi zhou step by step.Many people fell directly under the arrow rain of jiangdong army, but the death of robes did not make them afraid, the army, is holding the will to die in charge."Isn't that better?" Lyu3 bu4 smiled, even if the three in one, now lyu3 bu4 are not afraid, let alone fight.女硕士被炒后带5猛男殴打原领导"Still to fight?" He Qiwen speech, can't help but startled to tardif, just now but even weapons were lost, then war, maybe life will not protect.

女硕士被炒后带5猛男殴打原领导Although guan yu hands at the moment without weapons, but this hand will be around jiangdong soldiers scared to death, saw the Lord, after a frightened cry, swarms of scattered in all directions.Yin ling city is not YiqueGuan, lu su although fierce, but guarding city soldiers obviously can't compare with the elite of the guanzhong, also don't lyu3 bu4 in the western regions of those believers general fanatics dauntless courage to die, in guan yu's view, to break Yin ling, really not difficult."You're obviously not a hard nut to crack." Lu Zheng looked at Wu Jin and shook his head in disappointment. "I want to know all your plans. I don't want to waste my time."

Two generals in front of the battle, you come and go, recruit dangerous, foot soldiers on both sides is to see the dizzy pool, hot blood, unconsciously began to cheer for their own general.Just master's red hare these years also old, after the war in shu, offer to master.Somehow, hear the news, yan yan instead breathed a sigh of relief, if the other party is wei yan department such elite words, don't say one hundred and thirty thousand, even half, yan yan all have a kind of impulse to immediately disarm, that really can't play.女硕士被炒后带5猛男殴打原领导




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