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丰屯三国|多立克软胶囊"Ding"Chapter 22 the assassination"Ugly ghost, this time father but put you guard a side, you tell me the truth, isn't very excited?" < / p > < p > lu lingqi looked at pang tong, even if now as a mother, but the share of the wild into the bone is how also did not wear off, otherwise will not be a good xiangfu jiaozi do not do, run out to form a team of ju.

"That you again have what evidence say my Lord once sent a person to assassinate lv bu!" "Xia houyuan stared.'what? Zhang liao, ma tie and others surprised to look luneng."If he were eighteen now, would madame be at ease with this?" Lv bu asked with a smile.丰屯三国|"Why do you ask? Lu lingqi stared at pang tong and said, "I can tell you, the master of guang 'er has already decided. Don't think about it."

丰屯三国|"Well, could there be unrest in jingzhou?" Zhou yu looked at lv meng and was indifferent."Archers down! Charge city car to continue to attack!" Xia houyuan bit gnash one's teeth, the force of war god crossbow is too strong, even if be the baffle that consolidate also is very difficult to resist the second time impact, say anyway, must tear down these damned things!For liu bei, huang zhong sense is good, now acquire microbloggers security, huang zhong nature also hope can do some great cause, and recommend liu table before, soon loyalty to liu bei, just these days CunGong adulthood, desperately wants to prove himself, heard a task, to find, want to don't want to, direct forward step.

< / p > < p > the head of the class is lv bu in chang 'an began to spread, most of the lv bu implementation of elite policy, eliminated the soldiers placed in place to maintain local order.Time passes in a twinkling of an eye to June, his city, for the whole city was completely blocked, yecheng is zhang liao, and most of the troops and ares crossbow transfer to the town of things xh didn't notice, the time has come to a month, xh fretted about in the tent, he doesn't know what on earth are liu do, only hope to be able to make restraint opponents, these days, the cast camps like a hard shell, tried many ways have failed to work, even want to dig tunnels, the place of more than ten zhangs, accidentally dug too much, is difficult to grasp.It was the first time that cao cao's counsellors died on the assassination, and it belonged to the counsellors that cao cao attached great importance to. Cao cao was pale.丰屯三国|




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