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武斗双极|金匮糖方Gao gan stared at his only remaining soldier being devoured by this horserace who was like a fierce beast on earth. His lips were cracked, and blood trickled down his broken lips."Sir, cao is new to the capital and is not firm enough. Why not take the opportunity to attack by surprise?" Li ru offered advice to lu bu.Li dian quickly clapped his horse's back and turned down from the horse, avoiding the bad luck of being crushed by the war horse. He turned around and looked at the horse. Just for a moment, ma chao had rushed to the front and raised his hand to sweep the Wolf gun.

"Come on." After a glance at the direction of cao's departure, lu bu knew that he had missed his chance to kill cao cao. If cao cao died, the battle would be defeated, but lu bu's plan to take jizhou was ruined."Congratulations to the host, through its own unremitting efforts, your archery and riding, break through the shackles of success reach ten steps successfully, because you meet at the same time two great spirit level talent (ji god, arrows), three personal skills and achieve perfect state, automatic trigger special advanced talent, you ji, arrow god talent will be cancelled, for the only special gift - the ares (the talent every era has uniqueness), stimulate the special skills - god of war, ares, mental properties, agility, strength, attribute, a week physical properties automatically reduce the second star, around the enemy will be affected by the ares of wei, morale drop, Meanwhile, morale of our soldiers is automatically raised to the highest!"...武斗双极|Wolong phoenix chick, the phoenix chick is now missing, jingxiang scholars mentioned, is a closely guarded secret, but liu bei knew, the phoenix chick to lu bu.

武斗双极|Lu bu looked at the document in jia xu's hand and said, "calculate, there is a period of time not back to chang 'an, and the state of the matter by wen yuan and jiang xu, and ma chao, pang DE assisted, should be wordless, wen he, ready to return to chang 'an tomorrow.Nobody reason him, all the people took his feet running, this time, don't need to run a horse, as long as it is faster than others, that can be survived, d is called a few times in a row, but no one response, it let the jingzhou army ran faster, now finally know why seibel d to give him that kind of command, the jingzhou army, no resistance will, d even saw some people in order to survive, pull companion to her back, but hugged by his partner, two people get together, the result two people soon been turbulent and committed step into paste, a similar phenomenon happens constantly."This...... "Zhuge liang looked at liu bei and cried bitterly, with a slight sigh in his heart, he held out his hand to help liu bei up and said," liang is a lazy man, the emperor uncle made the mistake of loving him.

Pang tong's natural resentment cannot roar, splendidly as the two sides gradually let go of, also in a lively atmosphere over, pang tong tomorrow to go to luoyang, helped off in cao cao, lu bu is wa surname back into the room, this one night, perhaps because the sake of the family, wa surname is very active and enthusiastic, just those difficult action, prompting lyu3 bu4 funny, as for zhen, lyu3 bu4's true heart is enabled, the other hand holds the business contacts that across the country, however, lyu3 bu4 to grow in the future, even if the hand holds the numerous resources, but under the blockade of governors, want to open the central plains, the central plains of the money to earn, To establish their own business network is very difficult, with the zhen family this old merchant family help, it is easy, even if there is no zhen, lu bu will try to zhen family to pull his ship.Hedong, ma chao dayin."Thank you, Sir." With a slight salute, liu bei, with guan yu and zhang fei, followed zhuge liang into the grass hut.武斗双极|




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