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女友被别人在室外调教|东莞黄页大全And then the women of the Huns, These seemingly trivial women, I'm afraid is really let the troops become so fragile root cause, those people after the huns tribe, consume too much energy in women, and then ceaseless overnight back, in this case, suddenly attacked, and then in the dark can't see how many people each other, bombed the camp! I'm afraid the beggar goyang to the end do not know who attacked yourself.But we must not say that the Hu people are really vulnerable, the Hu 's methods of warfare really had no merit, Just because the conference semifinals don't have the art of war these ready-made things, also let conference semifinals often won't be bound by rules and regulations, really fight, you will find, many times conference semifinals war, unrestrained, will not according to common sense card, their combat experience, that is really summed up in a real battle, in exchange for life.West of Wang Ting, Yin Feng Gorge.

"Hsiung, it's up to you." Lyu3 bu4 side head, looked at the male broad sea laughed."It's the princess of Quebec. I heard it's the princess of your frost kingdom, and she kissed him." Suddenly said.Wang Yongwen speech twist a head to see, but see around a defenders just looking at each other's overwhelming momentum, has no face, once the war, how many battle effectiveness these people can play?女友被别人在室外调教|"Yes." Although the head of the QinWei feel unnecessary, but still loudly should be a, sent to a greater direction to explore.

女友被别人在室外调教|In the distance, is sprinting lyu3 bu4 heard the sound of the male broad sea, face a change, a wave of hands, five thousand elite cavalry behind slowly stopped the charge.Giffin this few days reckon zhang he, falling in grant after learning that lyu3 bu4 swept through taiyuan, I'm afraid I'm not going to sit back and wait to die, Will be looking for an opportunity to withdraw troops, is to send someone to closely monitor the movement of zhang he, mayi suddenly move naturally attracted the attention of the giffin, but before he can make deployment, zhang he has led the troops to kill, camp, shout ShaSheng, d with ma dai helmet armor, led the military forces with zhang he kill do a regiment.Another horse flashed past, The will to live made Kifu Goyang endure the pain, A slap on the ground, the whole person stood up and roared a knight on horseback, was about to get on the horse, suddenly ran a cavalry behind him, saw him will people from the horse down, angrily, a knife cut on the back of Kifu Goyang, followed by two bowl-sized horseshoes severely stepped on the back of Kifu Goyang.

Hetao, beautiful millet, just established in the county government, giffin is browsing the recent west cool, harmony state and the direction of the western regions back to the official documents."Xie master care." Holman hand way."Kill!" Step root more than light swept a glance began to wander, secretly sighed in the heart, this time, who can also have heart, but others can fall, but to step root betrayed his eldest brother, is unable to do, roar, with gathered around xianbei warriors, kill to Kirby can.女友被别人在室外调教|




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