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李云迪王力宏|康宝网是正品吗"Come on." After a glance at the direction of cao's departure, lu bu knew that he had missed his chance to kill cao cao. If cao cao died, the battle would be defeated, but lu bu's plan to take jizhou was ruined.Steeds temporarily haven't sold, but xiaohong, funding is down first, Chen gong know lyu3 bu4 trip to visit in person, xiaohong, there have the promotion plan, must not delay, anyway, lyu3 bu4 have been said to sell the horse, this matter is settled, zhen home now but lyu3 bu4 royal merchants, responsible for some of the buying and selling of government monopoly, salt iron horse, have to the kanto, but more on the silk road trade, there is the true source of money, now ZhenYao but quite glad with his original decision, although did not have to, but lu bu to come out of this article. Plus zhen home business contacts, in the past Wherever the zhen caravan went, it was now honored as a guest of honor."Take men, and come with me!" Jia xu's face was bleak.

Zhang he looked at the crowd and smiled suddenly. "if I see you underground," he said, "someone will take your place.Don't doubt lyu3 bu4 determination, in fact, sit down, has already spread in zhang ye, when riots, lyu3 bu4 but direct command cioffi offering up the butcher's knife, ten days, killing nearly fifty thousand slaves, in fact, was involved in the riots is not even a chengdu, but also it is, therefore, makes the slave soldiers while ferocity lyu3 bu4 under the help, but to take the ferociousness in lyu3 bu4 can control the scope of, otherwise, lyu3 bu4 also I can't put this fifty thousand slave soldiers into battle, there is no constraint of slave soldiers, for zhongyuan people, would be a disaster.D want to score hedong, several times by primm forced back, and in luoyang area, nearly has become the main battlefield, cao cao life xh reinforcements coss, from luoyang to branches in this area, with wei dozen of days rocked, nearly every day between the two sides will be fierce fighting, cao cao is sent star's onslaught tiger fastened shut, if tiger fastened shut be rent asunder, luoyang gu city hard to keep.李云迪王力宏|"Three thousand? Madai nodded, frowning. "did you find out where the nearest army of thieves was?"

李云迪王力宏|Gao shun's soldiers and horses arrived in the last wave, when the sentry came to report, gao shun from the northeast direction, CAI MAO and kuai yue's heart instead of a sigh of relief."Lyu3 bu4 su4 crazy!" One angry cry, more xi longitudinal horse holding halberd, stopped lu bu's way, also not much talk, a number of orcas ji shadow, toward lu bu thorn."Well!" Cao cao silently nodded his head and then looked at guo jia with concern. "fengxiao is not feeling well. Go to rest first.

Chapter 63 intrigue"No, they noticed! Close the gate!" CAI MAO got the report, immediately after the reaction, he had been ready tonight posing as liu bei killed into the hotel, will kill these people clean, did not think the other side was the first step in trouble, disrupted the deployment of CAI MAO, hurriedly ordered people to close the gate."MAO ~"李云迪王力宏|




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