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山西环法尊道长|嘉艺纹绣Zhou cang's cold hums a voice: "my young lady name is lv lingqi, is now the hussars ride general, wenhou lv bu's daughter, also be you a few days ago pursue to kill of that, still not from the fact invite.""The Lord is wise." Jia xu smelled the speech with a slight smile, since lv bu has already had the preparation, that he also has no need to say what more."Go!" Turned a head to see a glance han meng's direction, lu bu re back the square day painting halter, shake shake because of too much force some sour swelling arm, continue to walk to the city, behind, 500 soldiers silently with, across han meng remain kneeling on the ground unappealingly dead body.

Chapter 24 the angry shan yuFor women, lyu3 bu4 preexistence is not too important, because when the identity and status to a certain height, all men are mortal, there is no essential difference, he can screw, missed the age when you can fall in love, when the fame, love is no longer attractive, at that moment, he felt, emptiness."It has been said that there should be an answer within three days, but our army must be ready, or at least make a gesture, to let them know that if they do not surrender, we will not hesitate to engage them in battle." Li ru laughed.山西环法尊道长|"My husband, it was my poor health that prevented me from finding out earlier." The hussars rode in the general's house, diao cicada's belly was already high, lv bu accompanied diao cicada to walk in the yard by the side of the small lake, diao cicada apologetically said.

山西环法尊道长|"Jingle ~" looking at the wenpin style, lv lingqi liumei pick, silver gun flash, swing open the other side long gun at the same time, the gun front has been put on the wenpin neck, cold voice way: "if you dare to look down on me, the next time this gun will directly into."Take ho yi, ho man, and a whole army, and bring ling qi back to me!" Lv bu stuffy hum 1 way: "bring here directly!"

But he did not wait to break the news of the city guard, but such as lu bu, looking at the wall, the line of soldiers, is put lu bu that a bold dress in front of the lightning set off from time to time across the sky, some dazzling."No!"What's that look?" Keats frowns: "mo see my young lady is a woman, but a martial arts, deep general true biography, what jingzhou generals are defeated in my young lady's hands."山西环法尊道长|




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