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900934必力吉的作用Chaos, lyu3 bu4 led more than two thousand elite soldiers in the huns to kill a circle, the huns formation after the chaos, then quickly out of the battlefield, in the huns ten zhangs away from the regroupment.Yang Wangwen said, a touch of bitterness rose on his face: "For the father knows your heart is proud, but this time you were chosen as my white water twelve qiang the most beautiful woman, sacrifice night, the north palace from will certainly attend, if he finally pressure the qiang, according to the rules of the family, you must marry him.""Husband, what is this? It smells delicious." The sable cicada curiously looked at lyu3 bu4 hands crystal clear, like glass beads, a pervasive smell escaped, two Qiao smell speech, also can't help but be attracted by lyu3 bu4 hand objects.

Smell speech, including country, three people at the same time breathed a sigh of relief, now is working together against lombardi, if so, cause cao cao and xun yu princes, internal rift, not all want to see."Unless..." Marotta looked at lyu3 bu4, face also become a little dignified."Larocca!?" Marten to see this person, not by exasperation, as the first war under Korea hence, larocca ability in the west is absolutely numbered, if marten is not injured, there is a cutting edge in the hand, nature is not afraid of him, but at the moment marten in the body of several arrows, also only a sword in the hand, where is larocca opponent?900934The flames of the sky roasted the earth, Standing in every corner of Mei County, I could feel the heat coming, Zhou Cang looked at the granary shrouded in flames, with a slight fleshy look in his eyes, Lyu3 bu4 is glacial look at the more than five hundred hesitant west cool army, Cold track: "Although you help evil, unprovoked attack, resulting in my son lang unprovoked tragic death battlefield, should have been killed, but the general read heaven has good life, today put your horse, go back to tell d, quickly withdraw troops, otherwise the general not only will drive him out of the three auxiliary, one day, will carry troops into the west, end of the west cool!"

900934"Linjing direction, what's the latest development?" Ji county, satrap mansion, Korea hence some tired kneeling behind the table, looking at Li Kan, eyes flashed a touch of micro-inscrutable disgust."He Man, you take people to stay to assist general zhou cang, the zhong yao, the general back first, sent to changan." Seibel looked at the direction of departure, wei also to zhou cang farewell."This father let us try to cooperate with jun, where is jun now?" Candidate since a step ahead, d also can't, the military forces in Korea hence account for the most, quite Korea hence reuse, now the two sides or allies, horse supernatural is not good to tear face skin.

No wonder he is uneasy, the huns again less, stay in the tribes also have tens of thousands of people, and lyu3 bu4 with less than three thousand troops, even with the moon people eight thousand warriors, add up to more than ten thousand people, if the victory is good, but if lost, lyu3 bu4 can slap his ass, unlucky is the moon people.Far away, looking at jun suddenly beast still fighting, seibel frowned, ordered: "archer, let go of the arrow!""Baling arch changan, today has been news, lyu3 bu4 sent seibel to huaili area garrison, lock the west cool army south of the road, in addition to sub-soldiers arranged the people migration, changan garrison must be empty, if there is a ride at this time, can hit changan, unfortunately..." Zhong yao sighed, Another look at Cao Peng: "You take a thousand people into Xinfeng, to help De Rong guard the city, I did not lead, not light move."900934




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