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徐税网河北省图书馆首页"Who can drink tea soup in this weather?" The waiter shook his head: "chang 'an is the ancient capital, but before general lu came, it was deserted, not to mention the restaurant, even a figure you may not be able to see."Not likely." Giffin shook his head, took the letter, see again: "since the TanShiHuai after the death of his son, and even the lack of prestige, injustice and broken things, make the xianbei the centrifugal, and even after died, his son, young son by his brother the chief head of succession, many tribes from xianbei, western region, though still flaunting the banner of xianbei, but it is fragmented, the chief head won't pick up the own department, how could reach to the west?"Chapter 62 the ugly ghost

As for monkey, dog what, raise a few to put in the home, let diao cicada be bored when feed, also be not bad, still can have look after the role of the home.There are also rumors that lu bu will marry CAI yan in the next year after marrying the princess.ZuoXianWang after come back, take the call hutch springs and candid, in hsiungnu power transfer one of the most peaceful, but after that, the first tu each, to zero, and the size of the Wolf qiang tribes successively from the control of the huns, followed by Qin Hu horizontal thrust a foot, suddenly struck the chicken abatis, entrenched in chicken abatis compete with xiongnu people.徐税网Gold iron cross of the ground, three successive like muffled thunder chirp, the two horse and fault, xuan spend big axe with a arms to fly up high, Korea fierce after rushed out of the distance of more than ten zhangs, sit down horse suddenly moans, order the hooves, the splash of a, bring up a splash, Korea fierce burly body under the action of inertial planted down from the horse, kneeling on the ground, looking at the ground beside xuan flower familiar axe and that a piece of arm, Korea's fierce look dull.

徐税网"Good!" Lyu3 bu4 looking at the square day draw halberd in the hand, excitedly big drink 1, weight some heavy, but the might is stronger also, oneself power still can rise again later, when the time comes won't feel heavy.This sword is longer than the ordinary sword, only one side is opened, which is good for chopping. Some of it is like the bonobo sword in later times, but it is different and thicker.It is impossible for the old family to be destroyed. After these men grow up, lu bu will also become a new powerful person. What lu bu should do is to eliminate the threat to the royal power to the minimum before these new families grow up.

"The general to protect my small desperate, when I thanked the general is, not to polite, go back to the house. Lv bu patted liao hua's shoulder, with liao hua and a group of wounded soldiers into the house, let Yang xi command no injured home and city guards to clean up the body."A joss stick before, spy to report, guzang gate open, a large number of soldiers poured out of the city, look at the northwest direction and go, general, the end will be willing to pioneer, the pursuit of han sui. Ma chao bowed and begged.Year almost, this paragraph of time is busy, after the development of the rectified, the earliest coming from nanyang follow lyu3 bu4 people there have been some supplies at hand in use next year after the autumn harvest of grain, leave enough extra food, will choose to sell to government set up a food shop, hand a little more money, to procurement necessities and from the qiang people or western people there to get some meat.徐税网




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